Hi I'm Jorden!

Status: Hopeless Romantic/ Poet

21, Charlotte, NC.

This is a blog that simply reflects my thoughts and feelings.Stuff that agrees with my mojo: Alcohol-Lava Lamps-Anime:(Pokemon, Bleach, One Piece)-vinyl-Nirvana-Pink Floyd-Ozzy-depression-social anxiety-life and death Snapchat: EnigmaStigma

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moment of silence for all my wasted potential

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Like 6 shots of vodka

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— (58/365) by (KJ)

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i fucking did it




people that don’t know the piano notes must be so confused 

son sit down with ur sense of music superiority literally everyone gets the joke
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Anonymous said: We would fuck everyday, and make love at night. We'd go lose our minds and get drunk and go home to our apartment and laugh. We'd play video games and Id blow you and we could snuggle and read sad books. We should date. Lol.

Please pretty please come off anon so you can sit on my face say that to my face!! ;)

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